1. We hope that LightningPrisons will release any time within the next week. Although we are not entirely sure. - A beta session will be open to the public before we fully release.
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- Spawners are now spawning :)
Changelogs from 11/02/19 to 12/02/19

- Stopped the blast enchantment from working the PlotWorld
- Fixed the issue where players could earn gems in the PlotWorld

- - Disabled the custom trees due to them causing major lag on the server we will be looking for a fix for that

- Fixed the issue with autosell not auto selling correctly.You can now autosell with /as

- Fixed the drugs shop it now displays the actual drugs instead of "test" drugs
- Fixed the issue with the NPCs you are now able to right click and sell your items that you mine
- Fixed the mine reset times they now reset when there is only 15% of the blocks left in the mine. This helps with the use of the Blast enchantment.
Hello, I want to personally welcome everyone to LightningPrisons. I thank you all so much for coming over a taking a look.

The vision is to make LightningPrisons into a friendly community, where everyone feels welcome.

I want to take the idea, and develop it into something that matches users suggestions, and thoughts.

We also want to be able to invite people who may of not played OP Prisons before, to come and join us, and learn as we go.

Thank you,
The LightningPrisons Ownership Team.